The most user-friendly platform that analyzes the image and video using advanced AI algorithms

How does it work?

01. Connect visual recording devices

You can connect devices your have already installed or we can provide you with OAK camera, just for the purpose of analyzing specific video from specific place. 

02. Download the App

Create account and tell the platform about your needs. Our solution will provide you with recommended starting presets of objects, events, processes and metrics tailored for your specific needs. If you need to detect and track something specific the platform will start to train models based on data that visual recording devices will gather.

03. Get notifications and reports
Customize metrics that you want to track. Add specific events that you need to know about immediately and choose KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that you want to be measured and reported to you periodically.

Image and video analysis based on a wide range of models, libraries and algorithms

Object recognition

The platform enables automatic recognition of many elements such as people, animals or vehicles based on integrated libraries. With specific requirements and non-standard objects, the platform will learn to recognize them on the basis of video materials obtained from devices recording or processing the image

Object classification

Each of the identified objects is classified in terms of its various features, such as colors, shapes or types, and depending on its importance in terms of user requirements

Event building 

On the basis of the recognized elements and their specific features, the platform builds various types of events, defined as the behavior of objects in time and space and their possible change


Data analysis

The platform analyzes all identified and qualified objects in terms of defined events. The most important information about key or critical events is sent in the form of PUSH, SMS or e-mail notifications. Comprehensive analyzes of the most important insights are available as periodic summary reports

Advanced AI platform thanks to which the image gains a new dimension of value

And it's accessible to anyone