Vision AI that detects everything you need to know about

Make your visual data usefull

Dispose is an AI platform that, when connected to visual recording devices such as OAK or surveillance cameras, detects and analyzes various objects giving you the most important insights and opportunity to make data-backed decisions.

Get access to countless possibilities of vision recognition AI algorithms with one platform

Get to
know your customers

Track specific characteristics of your customers such as age, gender, behavior or emotions. Learn where they are, what they are looking at, and how they react to it.

Improve business efficiency

Analyze the behavior of your employees, production or logistics processes and make data-backed decisions that will translate into business efficiency improvement.

Take a better care of safety

Actively increase the level of safety that otherwise would not be possible with a regular monitoring system. Get notifications about dangerous events, violations of health and safety standards or intrusions. Use reports to predict what may happen in the future.

You need to detect or track something specific for your business or industry?

We got you covered

On the basis of data collected by vision recording devices, our platform will train appropriate, specific models

Complex AI technology
Accessible for anyone



Integrate vision recording devices with Dispose platform within minutes


Huge range of models, libraries, objects and specific events in one platform, for your specific needs


Instant PUSH, SMS or Mail notifications and custom timely reports on tracked metrics

Get to know about things.
The important ones.